More than stoner food

Karin Lazarus and Kevin Batchelor
Production at Sweet Mary Jane Bakery in East Boulder.

Sweet Mary Jane Bakery — tucked covertly in an East Boulder industrial complex — smells and sounds like a holiday family gathering. Warm, rich, chocolaty aromas rise above the merry chitchat and hustle-bustle. There are two long tables in the center, separated by a few feet, with three or four people working along each side. Two men in front of me squish delicious-looking balls of peanut butter goop between two pretzels. There’s barely a trace of weed in the air.

This could be any old family-run bakery except for the security cameras positioned throughout the room; the official government-issued badges swinging from everyone’s necks; the covered windows; the giant steel refrigerators equipped with padlocks.

Karin Lazarus, the founder and mastermind behind

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