A how-to class teaches NJ patients to cook with cannabis

Vanessa Amador has created a niche business in New Jersey that’s designed to woo an exclusive and often-misunderstood clientele.    

Though others may want to attend the unique cooking classes offered by Cannabi Kitchen in Turnersville, Gloucester County, only those who flash a photo ID issued by the state’s tightly regulated medical-marijuana program will be allowed in.    

The curriculum: how to make cannabis-infused sweets, including banana walnut muffins, creamy chocolate candies shaped like marijuana leaves, and even green gummy bears and worms. More items — such as smoothies — could be added.

The students are required to bring one ingredient — one-eighth of an ounce of cannabis from one of New Jersey’s five licensed dispensaries, and it must be inside a container with an unbroken seal.  Whether the strain is Blueberry Kush,  AC-DC, or something else is up to the student.     

“The classes are strictly

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