Mixologists Share Their Best Cannabis-Infused Cocktails

Whether you’re hosting a soiree, brunching with friends, or planning a romantic dinner, these three alluring alcohol and cannabis-infused libations by guest contributors (and epicureans)  Elise McRoberts, Rabib Rafiq, and Jason Eisner will set the tone for the occasion. Since mixing cannabis and alcohol can be synergistically intoxicating, it’s wise to consume responsibly and control your dose. Some recipes call for cannabis-infused liquors and tincture, which can be difficult to find yet simple to make at home. To help, reference this recipe for Green Dragon, break out your Magical Butter machine or pick up a copy of Warren Bobrow’s Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails Tonics where you can dive a little deeper into the sea of DIY cannabis tinctures. Now who’s ready for a drink?

Photo credit: Povy Kendal Atchison/The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook​


Who created it? Rabib Rafiq, The Cannabis Kitchen

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