Pot Edibles Are All Grown Up

Shortly after the state of Washington legalized recreational marijuana, an Eater editor was in Seattle for a wedding and decided to hit up a dispensary. “We thought it would be a fun, touristy thing to do,” she says. After purchasing a cookie from a reputable edibles company, she and her partner headed back to their Airbnb to partake, following the package’s instructions and each consuming half.

“It tasted fine — not great, but fine. We were watching Netflix and just enjoying being high, and then it just got really bad. I couldn’t stop twitching — it was an extremely intense and unpleasant body high. Our perception of time was warped in a way I had not experienced with any previous marijuana use. Eventually we were able to fall asleep, and when we woke up in the morning we felt fine — but we looked at our phones and saw

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