Pot chef Jesse Monroe Alexander

Jesse Monroe Alexander is a farmer in Stagecoach, and he recently published the cannabis cookbook The Guide To Being A Master Edible Chef Vol. 1: Cannabis Industry Secrets Revealed. It’s available though Amazon, and Alexander hopes to have it in Northern Nevada bookstores and dispensaries soon.

How did you get into this?

I grew up out in Hawthorne, and I was born in Carson City, so I’m a lifelong Nevadan. I’ve lived all over the state. I ended up getting sick when I was about 13. There was a problem with my knees, and my grandparents took me in and got me checked out. We found out that I had Osgood–Schlatter [Disease], which is a bone growth disorder. It makes little nodules of bone in my joints, and it feels like it’s sand rubbing together inside

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