Cannabis Sativa, A High Flier. Can It Continue?

A recognized player in the hot US marijuana marketplace is Cannabis Sativa Incorporated (OTCQB:CBDS). Incorporated in Nevada late in 2004, it develops and promotes cannabis products. But it does more than that. It is attempting to brand its products as unique and defensible, integrate vertically and offer a diverse line of cannabis and hemp based products with acquisition and joint venture.

CBDS supports the research, development and licensing of natural cannabis products. These include cannabis formulas, edibles, topicals, strains, recipes and delivery systems. It owns licenses for a medicinal cannabis strain called NZT. It recently received Patent PP27,475 for the cannabis plant named Ecuadorian Sativa, that is also known as CTA. This is one of the few cannabis strains allowed by the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office). The company holds a recipe and process/method to maximize the cannabinoid concentration

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