DeLeo on board for 6-month target on new marijuana law

BOSTON — The leaders of both the House and Senate are on board with a six-month time frame for rewriting the state’s marijuana laws after voters in November approved regulated sales of the intoxicating plant.

In a brief hallway interview on Thursday, House Speaker Robert DeLeo concurred with the six-month goal Senate President Stan Rosenberg laid out on Wednesday for passing a new marijuana law intended to deal with issues lawmakers feel are not properly addressed by the ballot law.

“That’s our hope. I think that’s what we’re shooting for. I don’t think we’d want to see it go much longer than that,” DeLeo told the News Service. “I think, we’d want to give it enough time to make sure that we hash out any questions or issues that people had. At the same time we want to do something as quickly as possible to make sure the will of the

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