Deals of the Week for December 28, 2016: Cookbooks, Cookie Cutters, and Magical Butter

Chances are that one of your loved ones gifted you with some cash or even an Amazon gift card. Check out these Amazon deals to get you started with some medicated baking essentials!

1. Magical Butter MB2E Machine

Magical Butter MB2E Machine

For those who have never extracted cannabis-infused butter before and want a quick and easy kit that automates just about every step of the process, the Magical Butter Machine is a fantastic option. The MB2e kit available on Amazon is a botanical extractor kit designed to simplify your extraction process down to two buttons.

Included in the bundle is the Magical Butter 2.0, a 90-micron filter, heat-resistant gloves, and measuring spoons. All you’ll need to bring is your starting material and you’re all set to extract your

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