A Weed Newbie’s Guide to Legal Marijuana

Recreational cannabis is legal in eight states now, including Nevada and California as of November, and that’s put people in my demographic in an interesting situation. I’m talking, of course, of goody-two-shoes, never-break-the-rules kids who haven’t smoked pot.

I’m not sure I’ll personally exercise my right as a California resident—but if I wanted to, I’d be seriously ill-equipped.

My cannabis knowledge begins and ends at the intellectual, which happens when you write for Motherboard. I know the difference between THC and CBD, I know which patients could benefit from medical marijuana (with a doctor’s consult, of course), I know the potential revenue of medical and recreational marijuana markets in various states and I know the general incarceration minimum sentences forlow-level drug crimes in the states I’ve been a reporter. But I don’t know how to roll a joint.

So when weed became officially legal in

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