The Future of Cannabis Sales Is Tiny Brownies

“Well, you know the Maureen Dowd story,” sighed Tim Moxey. “And it’s just not a good story.”

True, Dowd’s experience was less than ideal: She ate a couple bites of a pot-infused candy bar, then curled into a ball in her Denver hotel room and had a panic attack. The next day she discovered the bar was supposed to have been broken into 16 pieces, not munched on bite by bite.

Two years after that story went viral, it still haunts edible marijuana bakers like Moxey, the co-founder of Seattle edibles producer Spot, who says the New York Times columnist’s mishap was bad for the entire industry.

At Spot, Moxey is crafting edibles that will get people high enough—but not too high—and testing them to ensure the dosage is correct. Just 17 percent of edibles are accurately labeled with the proper THC level, according to a June 2015 research letter published

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