Election Buzz: Critics Of Legal Pot Say Addiction Becomes ‘A Disease Of The Family’

Five more states could come into that last category this fall, as voters decide whether to legalize it in California, Nevada, Maine, Massachusetts and Arizona.

It was only six years ago that Arizona approved marijuana for medicinal use, and that’s a stark contrast to Oregon, where medicinal marijuana was legal for almost two decades before smoking pot for fun became OK last year.

Opposition to recreational use in Arizona has been organized and vocal. A group that includes two county attorneys sued, unsuccessfully, to get it off the ballot.

And then there are people like Debbie Moak, 59, who said she put her son in drug rehab when he was 20. “A lot of these kids who are going to be impacted the most by this, they won’t be voting in this election,” said Moak, who lives outside of Phoenix. “This is where we need to be the adult in the room

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