Gourmet Weed Edibles from the Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook …

Robyn Griggs Lawrence has a steak recipe so good it’ll make you feel high. Literally.

Seared Wagyu New York Strip with Cannabis Rub is just one of more than a hundred gourmet-inclined recipes Lawrence compiled for her Cannabis Kitchen Cookbooknow entering a second printing. Now she’s taking her expertise right into readers’ homes with an online cooking course.   

The cover of The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook.

Lawrence, based in Boulder, Colo., is one of many entrepreneurs in the $5.4 billion legal marijuana industry. Unlike pot-repreneurs selling already baked brownies, cookies, and gummies, which may account for almost half of those billions, she is teaching consumers how to make the goods at home. Each dish—from Baked Artichoke, Crab, and Cannabis Dip to Cannabis Ceviche and High Ho Pottanesca—features the nation’s favorite newly legal ingredient.

Since Cannabis Kitchen‘s release in September,

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