A summer in the weeds: Dorney Park pot arrests spike. Here’s why

For pot smokers making the trek to Dorney Park Wildwater Kingdom this summer, South Whitehall Township police are killing their buzz with handcuffs and court dates.

What started as a 13-week pilot program with one township police officer in 2015 became an assigned post this year for two officers.

From Memorial Day to Labor Day this year, the officers work with park security to handle criminal incidents, but so far, a majority of the arrests being made at the amusement park have involved marijuana.

Security personnel and officers find people smoking it, carrying it in their bags, or hiding it in their cars. Visitors are found with joints, blunts, or bowls, as well as grinders and rolling papers. 

Reading through the reports, many patrons are caught before they even make it through the bag check at the entrance. Affidavit after affidavit begins with a park employee, park security officer or police officer smelling

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