Loyalty Card Data Shows Who Is Buying Legal Weed

History and propaganda has given us a pretty clear (and probably inaccurate) idea of who buys illegal weed. Popular culture is full of stoners, swingers, dead-heads, and deadbeats who wheeze out their words in a high-pitched croak while they hold down a lungful of smoke.

That’s illegal weed, the buyers of which hide their activities for obvious reasons. But we can be a little more accurate with legal weed, and Headset, a marketing data company, has put together a report looking at the people who smoke it. “So,” the report, published on Priceonomics asks, “what does the typical, recreational marijuana user look like today?”

Headset’s data comes from cannabis retailers, based on customer loyalty programs. And the first finding is that legal weed smokers are overwhelmingly male, comprising 70% of customers. Weed smokers are young, too. The age range runs from 21 all

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