Jeff the 420 Chef Takes the Cannabis Flavor Out of Pot Brownies

Great strides continue to be made in the field of cannabis cuisine, with new underground THC-infused dinner series popping up everywhere, and a spate of cannabis cookbooks hitting the shelves this year. One self-taught chef who has worked very diligently to educate consumers is known as Jeff the 420 Chef, and his methods for cannabis infusions that remove the grassy taste are winning over new converts.

As detailed in The Ultimate Cannabutter Experiment, Jeff blanches his buds to remove the chlorophyll that imparts the telltale herbaceous flavor of cannabis, and then he makes his infusions into butter or oils. The resulting scentless and flavorless butter contains high levels of THC without much cannabis flavor, perfect for delicate savory dishes like fish or baked goods such as light pastries and cake.

I caught up with Jeff by phone just before the launch of his new cannabis cookbook, The 420 Gourmet, which is devoted

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