Is Roseanne Barr fit to be president of the United States? Well, if you ask her…

When documentary filmmaker Eric Weinrib set out to follow comedian, actress and self-proclaimed “domestic goddess” Roseanne Barr on her 2012 campaign for president, he figured the whole thing would probably be a goof. So, for that matter, did most people.

“I expected it to be a more satirical campaign — after all, she is a comedian,” Weinrib says. “But the longer she ran, the more serious she got. Throughout her career she has often gone beyond people’s expectations, and her campaign was no exception.”

Running as a fiery populist — first as a candidate for the Green Party nomination and eventually on the Peace and Freedom Party ticket — Barr managed to get on the ballot in three states, earning more than 67,000 votes and ending up in sixth place on Election Day. Now four years later, the story of her improbable outsider bid for the nation’s highest office has been chronicled in Weinrib’s documentary “Roseanne for President!” in theaters and available on-demand July 1.

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