May 2016

April 20th is officially behind us, leaving fond memories of blissful celebration and cannabis consumption in its wake. Although the holiday has come and gone, there’s still one thing you can enjoy post-4/20: bargain cannabis deals. Dispensaries make sure to stock their shelves with lots of extra inventory during the month of April in anticipation […]

LOS ANGELES Cannabis may join the herb and spice rack in California kitchens as the most populous U.S. state prepares for the possible legalization of recreational marijuana in November. Chef Chris Sayegh is leading the way by taking haute cuisine to a higher place with his cannabis-infused menus in private homes for as much as […]

DENVER, CO (CBS) – Marijuana edibles make up nearly half of the one billion dollar legal pot industry in Colorado. They are also among the most controversial aspects of legalization. At Ganja Gourmet in Denver, customers have a lot of choices. The glass counters are filled with gummy bears, chocolates and baked goods. The sales […]

People have been eating and drinking cannabis for thousands of years. As far back as 6000 BCE, Chinese folks were using hemp seeds for food and oil, and today edibles make up a large slice of the legal-marijuana market. The contemporary consumer, though, is faced with more choices: soft drinks, truffles, granola bars, gummi bears, […]

While there’s nothing quite like the tried-and-true pleasure of partaking in a heavy wake and bake session, there just might be another way to satisfy that morning craving for cannabis that’s just as stoney but doesn’t involve rolling up. Like, literally waking up and baking yourself a bud-filled breakfast. Although waffles don’t count as baked […]

OTTAWA — Bite-sized marijuana goodies such as candies and cookies pose “significant risks” to children who might accidentally swallow them, warns a draft federal discussion paper on pot legalization. It flags the public safety concern as one of the many obstacles Canada must negotiate on the path to regulating the drug, drawing on tragic lessons from […]

Here’s a scenario we have all seen in film before: Somebody consumes an entire bag of raw cannabis in order to avoid getting caught with it. Eyes pop wide open and gasps ensue. “You just ate that whole bag!” somebody shouts. However, the aftermath of this scene usually involves a very different representation of what […]