Oregon marijuana edibles makers launch public campaign: ‘Try 5’

Dave McNicoll has a few words of advice for those planning to try marijuana-infused edibles for the first time: Take a bite, not too much, and wait.

McNicoll’s group, the Oregon Responsible Edibles Council, has launched a public education campaign aimed at preventing novice marijuana consumers from eating too much all at once.

The campaign is called “Try 5,” as in 5 milligrams of THC, and encourages consumers to start with a low dose when it comes to marijuana-infused snacks and treats.

Or as they say in Colorado, start low and go slow.

The campaign comes just weeks before the latest major development in Oregon’s recreational marijuana program: Starting June 2, anyone 21 and older may walk into a medical marijuana dispensary and buy marijuana-infused edibles, extracts and topical products, like balms and lotions.

The expanded sales are part of the state’s slow rollout of its recreational marijuana program, which is not set to officially

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