First weed-friendly gym opening in San Francisco

12977230_989327414481999_736479793477014068_o(Photo credit: The 420 Games/Facebook)

Puff, puff and bench press: Pot-friendly gym targets cannabis fitness enthusiasts.

Cannabis-loving exercise enthusiasts in the San Francisco area are in luck. A new gym plans to let members get high on-site while they exercise.

Power Plant Fitness, which claims to be the world’s first cannabis-friendly gym, is in the process of finalizing a lease in San Francisco, as reported by Tech Insider.

To be clear, this gym will allow cannabis use, but it won’t be a tie-dyed stoner’s den.

“We are focused on the athletic side, not the cannabis side,” Jim McAlpine, founder of the 420 games and co-founder of Power Plant Fitness, emphasized in a blog post.

McAlpine told Tech Insider that new gym members will also be given a “cannabis performance assessment” to help people determine optimal consumption methods.

While a weed-friendly gym might seem

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