Illinois medical marijuana board to review 15 new qualifying conditions

Illinois' medical marijuana board will review 15 new medical conditions(Photo credit: Nathan Griffith/Corbis)

Illinois board will discuss public petitions calling to expand the medical marijuana program.

The Illinois Medical Cannabis Advisory Board will meet on Monday to discuss adding 15 medical conditions to the state’s list of conditions that qualify for medical marijuana treatment, as reported by the Associated Press.

The panel of 13 experts meets twice a year to address public petitions calling to extend medical marijuana availability to patients with conditions that don’t yet qualify for such treatment in the state.

The panel considers the petitions and then can make recommendations to Gov. Bruce Rauner. At that point, the decision to expand the list of medical marijuana qualifying conditions is entirely up to the governor.

The board will meet Monday to discuss 15 proposed qualifying conditions, including post-traumatic stress disorder,

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