Local marijuana dispensaries celebrate 4/20 ‘holiday’ – Las Vegas Review

Southern Nevada has a new “holiday” to celebrate.

As the valley’s first medical marijuana dispensaries have set up shop over the past few months, with more on the way, they’re now lighting up “four twenty” — a day of the year known to both smokers and nonsmokers of marijuana as a time to celebrate cannabis culture.

Medical marijuana dispensary operators and their customers jumped at their first chance to celebrate 4/20 at their locations across Las Vegas, with promotions, giveaways, music, food, tours, fundraising and special offers.

North Las Vegas introduced an ordinance to benefit medical marijuana establishments Wednesday that would remove requirements for surety and business licensing bonds. The city council is expected to approve the ordinance at its May 4 meeting

With the Nevada Marijuana Legalization Initiative coming on the Nov. 8 ballot, dispensary owners are considering how the “holiday” might be celebrated in future years.

“If you look around the country, whether

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