Pesto with a punch: Edible marijuana in Canada’s future

Canada’s infatuation with getting a legal high may soon lead straight to Mary Jean Dunsdon’s Vancouver kitchen. The self-described diva of cooking with cannabis has been baking and selling intoxicating edibles for the better part of 20 years.

“I’ve easily sold 700,000 to one million cookies,” she told CBC News recently in her kitchen.

To her customers, Dunsdon, best known by her nickname Watermelon, is a trusted brand.


Mary Jean Dunsdon’s baked cannabis treats include rum balls, tarts, cookies, and other sweets. (Mark Gryski/CBC)

“I’ve done it all: ‘nice cream cones’, marijuana bacon, I’ve made ‘weedish meatballs’,” she said.

With legalization on the way in Canada, Dunsdon is hoping her underground bakery and the goodies she sells to a loyal base of medical and recreational customers will finally emerge from the shadows and capture a slice of a new market for marijuana edibles.

She has good reason to be optimistic about her future in the business of bud. In the U.S. states

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