Oregonians Are Hungry For Legal Edibles

“Oregonians with a hunger for edibles will only have to wait another month or two to legally eat them,” said André Ourso, manager of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program. Governor Kate Brown signed Senate Bill 1511 into law last week, allowing residents over the age of 21  to consume cannabis recreationally, with some caveats. One section of the bill states that consumers may buy one low dose edible, but lawmakers are still trying to decide what “low dose” should mean. The Oregon Health Authority, who runs the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program, will be in charge of implementing those regulations. Once the rules are put in place, edibles will be available to customers if they are of legal age. Ourso stated the OMMP doesn’t have a specific target date but offered that there should be a resolution within the next month or two.

Another interesting stipulation in Senate Bill 1511 states that edibles cannot

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